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Drakensberg stream frog. Stongylopus hymenopus

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B!tch-creek Nymphing & Millennium Bugs
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Surly Ghillie

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  1. dlampert
    Very nice Wolf, what's the red bit ? Is it part of the taddy or on the rock ?
  2. Surly Ghillie
    Its something called a watermite (Hydracarina) They're tiny, no more than 1-2mm. They are related to spiders. There are also a pair of them in that pic of the diving bug (Belostoma) chowing a minnow
  3. dlampert
    Ah okay thanks. When you gonna haul out some more extension tubes and give us one of those little guys in detail ?
  4. Surly Ghillie
    roll on summer!!!!
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