Custom Reel Seat Spacers

Pictures of various custom turned spacers in various woods.
  1. Custom turned spalted big leaf maple reelseat complimented with a mopani fighting butt with wild olive and imbuia inserts
  2. Initials RJ engraved into the reelseat butt cap
  3. Birch Bark Spacer
  4. Zebrano or Zebra Wood
  5. Wild Olive
  6. Wooden Butt section   Mopani with Mad Rosewood inlay
  7. Wooden Butt section   Wild Olive with African Rosewood inlay
  8. Red Ivory with a small knot
  9. Wild Olive with 2 knots
  10. Wild Olive with a knot
  11. African Rosewood with Wild Olive inlay
  12. Bocote (Exotic wood)
  13. Mopani with Mad Rosewood inlay
  14. Spalted Box Elder Burl
  15. Spalted Box Elder Burl wooden butt section with its metal cap
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