Trout Festival 2012

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25 Aug 2012
40 Fisherman: 5 on Float tubes, 5 Ladies, 5 Kids under 12
Caught a TOTAL of 98 trout for the day, 57.81kg.

Heaviest Bag
1st Andre Steenkamp, 14 Trout @ 7.97kg (Float)
2nd Brett Jenkins, 11 Trout, 7.10kg (Float)
3rd Trevor Gunther, 9 Trout, 6.08kg

Biggest Trout
1st Heather Harvey, 1.38kg
2nd Trevor Gunther, 1.15kg
3rd Brendon & Brett Jenkins, 1kg

Heaviest Bag (kids)
Rudolph Combrink, 3 Trout, 1.4kg

First Fish for the day
@ 6.07am Johan Crouse, .540g

Smallest Fish for the day
240g Rudolph Combrink

Funniest Fisherman
Harry Bouch
Falling of his small chair on the dam wall and just miss landing in the dam! 

Distance Casting (Ladies)
1st Marietjie Davies, 22.2m
2nd Heather Harvey, 19m

Distance Casting (Gents)
1st Andrew,
2nd Trevor Gunther,

Distance Casting (Kids)
1st Rudolph Combrink
2nd JanHendrik Combrink

Accurate Casting
1st Jannie Jacobs
2nd Trevor Gunther

Fly tying

Fly tying (kids)
Callum Brett

Best Dressed Angler (Gents)
Brian Summers

Best Dressed Angler (Ladies)
Marlize Heyns

Leighton Brown

Two Bravehearts:
Johan Crouse
Duggie Wessels

Clean Cut Glass – Trophies
Peebles, Treeferns, Elandsvalley, Loskop Dam, Blue Gum, Dullstroom Inn
Blue Shop, Mavungana, Village Angler, Simply Carrols, Mrs Simpsons, Dullstroom Video Shop, ICreate, JonkSchoonheid, Vygenhoek Spa, East Rand Fire, Bo/Co Middelburg, HR City Middelburg, DISTELL, Sedgwicks The Original Old Brown
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