Far North Fly Trip - NZ

The cooler winter conditions are conducive for big snapper in the far north of North Zealand. Bitingly cold days generally mean more settled weather patterns, but this year was an anomaly.......

The perfect storm smashed the top of the north island and houses and grazing paddocks were literally swamped under a deluge of water. Road closures and wash aways were the order of the day.

Luckily we did manage to find a couple of days to get in amongst the snapper and other fish of the northern reefs.

  1. Off and racing......
  2. Up close and personal - these guys eat everything that fits in the mouth.
  3. Not the prettiest of fish and with a wicked set of dentures, they can really make a mess of a fly.
  4. Who said long and skinny wasn't fun?
  5. If you listen to any NZ fisherman, they'd have you believe this is the scourge of the ocean and only good as bait. 
Well, my verdict is still open...
  6. The raging storms that had battered the coastline brought an abundance of food for the local black oyster catchers.
  7. Dead soldier - this fly hooked the fish of the trip. 
5 minutes into the fight something gave. There's that sickening feeling that the knot has let...
  8. 55 Knot winds had the seagulls flying backwards and somersaulting down the beach. It's amazing just how much beer can be consumed when cabin fever...
  9. Nature in all her powerful beauty.
  10. Not quite the Hilton or Intercontinental, but this was home for a week. 
No hot water, insulation or heating. 
Luckily there was an oven that we...
  11. Barometer dropping, wind picking up........storm on its way in.
  12. Wonderful fighting Kahawai as they are known or Aussie salmon in Australia. 
After 20 of these things in a session you'd wish they would just...
  13. Small snapper will fit anything they can inside that mouth.
  14. Slice of heaven - fresh fish and an ice cold beer......oh, and that sunset isn't too bad either.
  15. This was funny! 
At the end of each day we'd toss the salt ice that the fish were on. 
One seagull that never seemed to miss a meal had a gimpy...
  16. Picture perfect conditions. 
It was amazing when the sun was out and we were on the water, but when it changed, it was a dreary old place.
  17. Not many places where the fresh cascades into the ocean as a waterfall. 
If you look very carefully to the right of the waterfall (that whitish...
  18. Good size eating fish. 
Between 2.5 and 3.0 kg per fish, they were superb scrappers on light tackle.
  19. Say cheese.....
  20. Sometimes greed over compensates for caution.
  21. Tools of the trade. 
My beloved FinNor and Sage TCX 10. 
Ideal outfit for these conditions.
  22. This is only one of the smaller specimens. 
Take a look at those teeth. 
No wonder some of the hooks came back crushed, bent and opened. 
The main...
  23. The happiness of a good snapper on fly.
  24. Known as snapper locally in New Zealand and as Squirefish on a more general basis, these aggressive, wonderful eating fish add up to a prime salt...
  25. One of many for the trip. 
This was the main target species we were looking for. 
I did manage to hook and land some decent kingfish (southern...
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