Snag Bashing and Flats Fishing

The rich mangroves and swampy drain offs of the Far Northern Queensland Coast offer some amazing versatility for fishing.

One part of the day you are racing across flats looking for permits, golden trevally and the like and the next, you are surrounded by mangroves and man eating mosquitoes.
Casting weedless flies into the tangles of roots and mangrove bushes is a lottery of exactly what you might pick up next.

The saltwater crocs are something to take note of too....

Photo's by Shaun Q and myself.
  1. A pretty good GT from way up in the mangroves that ate a bunny fly.
  2. Coral Trout - too good to return. 
Some of the best fish to eat ever.
  3. Snag hogging barra that crashed a clouser.
  4. Salty barra are different to their freshwater cousins with the silver sheen as opposed to the yellowish/bronze tinge.
  5. This is where you are fishing into when the tide comes up. 
Snags and low hanging trees eat wayward cast flies.
  6. A new species for me - sooty grunter.
  7. Released.
  8. One of the most iconic of the Aussie flats fish - "The Lizard" aka Flat Head. 
These things are ravenous feeders and will swallow anything that...
  9. Flathead almost as long as my arm.
  10. One of those unidentified ooglies......
  11. Flats GT sightfished.
  12. Poking in and around the mangroves can open up some surprising finds.
  13. Everything up north tastes better with beer! 
Local brewery puts out a great drop.
  14. Lucinda Wharf Jetty. 
The longest wharf in the world at over 6km's. 
It's a massive long conveyor belt that loads sugar to waiting ships at the...
  15. This was a resident BIG saltie. 
He wasn't in the least bit fazed by our presence which was a bit unnerving as they usually flee at the first sight...
  16. My mate Shaun lining up for a shot. 
It's fun and games keeping your balance on the casting platform after a few beers and the chop gets up........
  17. Snag bashing - 
You HAVE to get the fly right into the thick, gnarly stuff otherwise you don't get bit. 
Fishing without weedguards would leave...
  18. One of my favourite past times - birding. 
  19. After about 40 minutes we got to see exactly what it was we had hooked and the heart dropped. 
Great big stinking sand shark - like 40kg's + 
  20. What could have been..... 
My mate and I were creeping up on a flat when I saw this MASSIVE shape materialise from the deeper water about 25 meters...
  21. This was a new species for me - Stripy Grunter. 
The spikes and pointy bits on him were diabolical when you had to get the hook out - they should...
  22. Trevally of all sizes roam the flats. 
You generally see them in small schools or as a massive dark shape of a single monster. 
Murphy, being the...
  23. A face only a mum could love. 
These cod are amazing predators - 
Getting a fly near a surface bust-up or boil would inevitably result in one of...
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