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  1. Photo of the moment

    On Truttablog, I have a page with just a single fly-fishing picture on it. This is just intended as a small visual snippet of interest. I update the picture at least once a week, usually more.

    To visit click:http://

    This week there is one there of Brett Coombes, who was out from OZ. Some of you may remember him from the 1980's. Brett is a fisherman of some note!

    Note also that if you follow on twitter, I drop ...
  2. Truttablog. Some recent postings

    A piece about a fly fishing canoe:

    A short slideshow to music, capturing the essence of the NE Cape experience:

    And a piece about the development of a local fly pattern:
  3. Natal Fly-fishers General thread

    Quote Originally Posted by DTN View Post
    The NFFC second quarter catch returns summary has just been uploaded to the club website. This info is obviously only available to members, who log onto the "member zone" with a user name and passord. For some casual "what's fishing well", we direct people to our facebook page. .

    This latest set of results was uploaded late: My fault. Apologies.
    The quarter