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  1. Photo of the moment

    On Truttablog, I have a page with just a single fly-fishing picture on it. This is just intended as a small visual snippet of interest. I update the picture at least once a week, usually more.

    To visit click:http://

    This week there is one there of Brett Coombes, who was out from OZ. Some of you may remember him from the 1980's. Brett is a fisherman of some note!

    Note also that if you follow on twitter, I drop ...
  2. From FeathersandFluoro

  3. Breede estuary leerie recaptured 839 days later

    Quote Originally Posted by Niel Malan View Post
    I tagged a leerie in the Breede estuary on 20 January 2010 (see my catch report below) - 51.5 cm fork length. I just heard that it was recaptured by Shane 839 days later at splash rock in Port Edward KZN - 1144 km further as the crow flies. It grew around 32 cm and was measured at 83 cm fork lenght. Great news - makes up for all the hard work. Thanks for releasing it again Shane - much appreciated.
    Ps a small leerie I tagged above Mudlark
  4. Truttablog. Some recent postings

    A piece about a fly fishing canoe:

    A short slideshow to music, capturing the essence of the NE Cape experience:

    And a piece about the development of a local fly pattern:
  5. I`m looking for a Eclipse 000 and also a 0 - 1 wt trout rod?

    Anyone got an eclipse 000 and or a 0 - 1 wt rod they don`t use any longer?
    Willing to pay a reasonable amount for a decent reel or rod or both?...