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  1. I`m looking for a Eclipse 000 and also a 0 - 1 wt trout rod?

    Anyone got an eclipse 000 and or a 0 - 1 wt rod they don`t use any longer?
    Willing to pay a reasonable amount for a decent reel or rod or both?...
  2. Shocking discovery on the Orange River

    Quote Originally Posted by outdoor rocks View Post

    I'm new! Came across this when searching Gariep Dam. I have a keen interest in fishing and sailing and am going down there in a few weeks. My family also lived close by so I have such special memories of the surrounding area.
    Just wondering what the latest is?

    Which species are going to be farmed?
    Does anyone have a copy of the ROD for me?
    What is the intention of the Chinese- It is quite worrying for me as it is a place close to my heart,
  3. Some new stuff from feathersandfluoro

  4. From

  5. A few more from

    In the shadow of Mt Kenya shows off some of Kenya's rarely seen Rainbow Trout fishing.

    There are also reports from Farquhar (full still to come) and Kosi...