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  1. Fly fishing in Colombia

    While fishing wasn´t the main focus of the Colombian leg of the trip, I manged to bend a rod a bit!

    Of Tarpon and Caiman

    Snook on fly

    Rumours of Trout

    Trucha in the hills
  2. Natal Fly-fishers General thread

    Quote Originally Posted by DTN View Post
    The NFFC second quarter catch returns summary has just been uploaded to the club website. This info is obviously only available to members, who log onto the "member zone" with a user name and passord. For some casual "what's fishing well", we direct people to our facebook page. .

    This latest set of results was uploaded late: My fault. Apologies.
    The quarter
  3. Feathers and Fluoro

    Hey Guys

    Some great reading and interesting articles on the Feathers and Fluoro blog.

    Crabs, South America and Eagle Rays are the current highlights.

  4. Fly fishing Lesotho Baha fishing

  5. small stream trout.