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  1. Stumbling on my Vice

  2. Photo's to prove the point......

  3. Moments like these never get old.

    Introducing fly fishing to youngsters takes on new meaning when you spend quality time with your son on a Bass lake. After spending weeks trapped behind a desk dealing with other peoples IT problems, it was a relief to get away from the daily grind for a while. I decided to take the family for a picnic at a large still water in Grabouw and boy was it a great idea. A couple of guys were already fishing with spinners when we got there with no success. After setting ...

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  4. Clanwilliam dam 5 June 2012

    Travelled from Cape Town to Sprinbok and decided to wet a line half-way at the Clanwilliam dam. I approached the dam via the dirt road from the Algeria turn-off and once I crossed the low-water bridge made sharp left and kept going for some 15 km till I passed the "Mango Estate" sign. About a km further I stopped and made my way to the water where there is a nice rocky ridge and the remains of an old road, Armed with a rod, a funny round think attached to my waste and a hand full of feathery ...

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  5. Great reading from Paracaddis..