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  1. Mission Rocks - Our Little Paradise

    So here goes my first blog entry, hopefully more will follow!

    In Saturday, 25th of May 2012, a Mate (plus his missus) and I sent off to Mission Rocks to get the species list up a tad. Being a bit lazy in the cold winter months, we only arrived at Mission Rocks at around 10am. But the tide was perfect for what we had planned, neap tide with full low around 1pm. The only issue was the North Easter that was picking up making accurate casts a bit of a problem, but at least with us both ...

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  2. The sea is nearly empty !!!! And we just carry on Regardless.

  3. Why Tarpon Should Be on your Bucket List.

  4. Fishing for Nothing

  5. Tube Bass Popper – Home Made Edition

    This is my first attempt at a tube fly and I used materials lying around in my house. The main materials are a cork from a port bottle and an old pen cartridge. This tying sequence is just a basic idea of a tube popper and probably not the most correct way to tie a tube fly. It basically just gives you some ideas regarding the materials you can use for a fly like this and ...