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  1. Vaal River Venues

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
    No idea but let us know how it goes...
    Good men of rod and feathers would like to hear your opinions on Elgro . What would be more productive , doing the drift ( done it before was okay ) or spending the same time and effort fishing the water around Elgro lodge
  2. Tenkara fishing for carp

    Thought that you guys might enjoy this....


    Sean Mills
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  3. Stalking Catfish

    I went out this day not expecting much, but the fish seemed to be very hungry and extremely aggressive. Usually you can land anywhere from 5 to 10 fish in a morning session, but this day I landed 18 fish in just 4 hours and nearly broke my rod on a couple of occasions as you can see in the video. Enjoy...!

    Sight fishing for African Sharp-tooth Catfish on fly in South Africa.
    Music: Die Heuwels Fantasties - Wilder as die wildtuin 2

  4. Fly lines for Western Cape Waters

    Dear fellow fly fishers.
    In September last year I moved from PE to Cape Town.
    Seeing that the water is colder here I'm in need of some fly line info for salt and fresh water lines.
    For the salt I use Scientific Anglers striped bass cold water in floating and intermediate. This has served me well fishing the Swartkops and East London Estuaries. Any different this side?

    When talking fresh water (mostly trout) I'm in the market for a floater and Di3 in 5 weight. ...
  5. Journeys through the journal

    A bit of history: fishing the Mooi back in the eighties:

    I will post some more excerpts from my logbooks in this format in coming weeks and months. It seemed to me to be a better idea than leaving them to the fish-moths alone!

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