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  1. Journeys through the journal

    A bit of history: fishing the Mooi back in the eighties:

    I will post some more excerpts from my logbooks in this format in coming weeks and months. It seemed to me to be a better idea than leaving them to the fish-moths alone!

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  2. Trip report from Rhodes over April May 2013

  3. Highland Lodge report back

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    Hey Guys

    Just a quick video report on a recent trip to Highland Lodge.

    7 Anglers went up for about 5 nights.

    Fishing was off and on, we had three cold fronts go through over the period we stay, and it went from crystal clear days, to snow and hail.

    The fish played along and everyone got into some sizeable fish. Fly choices went from leeches, zonkers, chironomids, woolly buggers, soft hackles and nymphs. Lots of big fish, a few over 10lbs,
  4. Some new feathersandfluoro content...

  5. First day fishing Boulder Creek

    As luck would have it I stumbled upon the chance to attend a workshop/conference in Boulder Colorado. After doing a quick google search on the fishing scene in Boulder it became clear that the fly fishing ***s must have looked favourably on me.

    Boulder has long been one of the best kept secrets amongst the Colorado fly fishing fraternity. However after the movie Catch and Release (which isn't really any good) the town was put on center stage for the excellent brown trout fishing ...