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  1. fly rod for sale

    hand built rod for sale scott 6wt 9ft. If any one is intrested please contact me josh on 0715718148. if you are intrested please phone me between 3pm-8pm
  2. Carp on fly


    You just might share the same passion!!!!

    Tailing Carp! Slurping Carp on the service! And the hunt is on!!!
    Delicate cast, followed by a subtle take…. Water parting as if a torpedo was fired from where your last cast where…!!!! Ummmm! Sounds good!

    I have been fishing competitive for a while now! Just before the Winter I started fly fishing for Carp! Just nice to change things up!!! A change is as good as a Holiday! ...
  3. Greetings from Argentina.

  4. le ferme ?

    what flies should i tie for le ferme tomorrow? any tips on how to fish it?
  5. Fly fishing in Colombia

    While fishing wasn´t the main focus of the Colombian leg of the trip, I manged to bend a rod a bit!

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