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  1. Mulberry trees

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki-Yellow View Post
    I have read your ideas on bait and patterns for catching yellows. Awesome articles thanks guys.

    I recently went down a strip of mulberry trees on the Vaal and saw the most amazing thing happen! As soon as the ripe mulberries fell into the water, both largemouths as well as barbel rose up and took them!!!!! What an awesome phenomenon.

    I then realised that if i bind a mulberry pattern to present under these trees, fishing might become exciting. Although the season has
  2. Who said bigger is better?

  3. Blog entry on grunter and kob on surface flies at Breede River

    I recently had some excellent success for grunters and kob on surface flies at the Breede River and thought you might find it interesting. Read all about it at:
    Niel Malan
  4. Fishing in Vaal Dam

    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowfish77 View Post
    Hi Guys, I'm fishing in the Vaal Dam on the weekend, any advice on how to land a few Yellows on fly?
  5. Blyde River Pilgrim's rest

    We have been spending quite a bit of time on the Blyde River in and around Pilgrim's rest over the last few months . Fishing in this river has been phenomenal at times . The river is teaming with rainbows ranging from 80mm all the way up to 400mm . The river is also full of large scale yellows and chisel mouth .
    We have been working with students from the local community and have started using them as guides for our day fishing . This gives them an opportunity to earn some cash as well as ...
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