• Semi-Portable Tying Bench/Table

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      I guess leg space is the biggest downside of this setup, but remember your knees will be on either side of the bench and only go pass the front about 100mm till you have the correct position to tie with a straight back.. The photo on their website is a but misleading, I tested the size with a few cabinets plus adding castor wheels will help to move the bench out of the way if you want to stand up or get something out the drawers. I guess the only true test is building it!
      I have built a buro type of station that transports OK and folds up quickly when called by the better half.
      See my version in the attached pics. It even has led lights and 12V outlet for camera ring light! The next to be added will be the rotating fly dryer.
      My tying material is kept in a zip up clip ring folder with pockets. This allows for easy paging through the selection and is portable.
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