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Mission Rocks - Our Little Paradise

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So here goes my first blog entry, hopefully more will follow!

In Saturday, 25th of May 2012, a Mate (plus his missus) and I sent off to Mission Rocks to get the species list up a tad. Being a bit lazy in the cold winter months, we only arrived at Mission Rocks at around 10am. But the tide was perfect for what we had planned, neap tide with full low around 1pm. The only issue was the North Easter that was picking up making accurate casts a bit of a problem, but at least with us both being right handed it didn’t hamper us on getting some distance with our 6wts!

We were rigged with Olive & Dark Brown Crazy Charlies on 10lb tippet, hoping to get into some nice Stonebream and well any other fish that frequent the area, to our surprise the first fish on was something we weren’t expecting…
Surge Wrasse! A Beaut! Hooked by my mate, Shane, about 5 casts into our trip! It gave him a good tussle on the 6wt but we managed to get him into a nearby pool while I get my Cellphone out.


Now the fun didn’t stop there, as my mate’s missus was along she was trying her hand at dropshotting ( I know, I know..) and straight after the fish was released screamed that she is stuck L. My mate to the rescue! After a few tugs, he notices there is a fish on the line… another wrasse… this time a Christmas Wrasse!! Geez what a fish!! And to think this was her first fish caught ever!!


As we were all standing in close proximity to each other I realised that I need to get some fresh water to cast in as I'm sure these Wrasse are territorial? So I move about 40m north of them and cast ahead of an incoming swell, it pushes my line down into the depths and I start to strip… FISH ON! It was quite a fight on that rod, with the fish darting for structure every chance it got and trying to get into caves and crevasses. Another Surge Wrasse! This one ever bigger than the first! I call my mate to take a photo while I have the fish in a pool. Now here comes the part I hate, we need to get my Cellphone out of my bag and then out of the waterproof bag it is in. This takes about a minute every time we want to take a photo!! Now it doesn’t take the ocean a minute to generate the next swell… you can figure out what happened… that moment was the last straw. I now have a new waterproof compact for the next trip!


All in all we managed about 8 Surge Wrasse, one Chrismas Wrasse, one Stonebream (those buggers haunt me), and one unidentified fish… Frogfish? Not sure it had teeth like I have never seen before and looked similar to a Snakehead but was Khaki in colour and about 20cm long? Any thoughts? I couldn’t get a photo as I was Sh*t scared after it opened its mouth and it takes 1min to get than damn phone out my backpack, lucky I was fishing barbless!

Here are some scenery photos to give you all an idea of the location:


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  1. Garage's Avatar
    The snakehead-like fish may well have been a Lizardfish. Beeeg mouth?
  2. Ko7Ad's Avatar
    Thanks! Yes it had a beeeg mouth!!

    Just did a search on it and you are correct, it was a Lizard Fish! Here is what it looked like: