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Small Pond, Big Fish, Good Company

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I spent the day at the Croc Farm fly fishing with friends and celebrating Sean Mills birthday. Fishing was very slow as we started targeting a large school of decent size Tilapia. After throwing every fly in the box at them without any result we split up and moved around the dam looking for likely bass holding spots. The weather was very hot and with the water being a milky tea colour, things were far from simple. There were about 20 anglers in total but luckily most were kids and stayed near the restaurant under parental supervision. I started targeting the small bass fingerlings with floating flies just to get on the scoreboard when I noticed a few suspicious swirls following them. I changed to big sub-surface streamer patterns but only got follows from the juveniles with no hits.

I stepped down the fly size to 14 and started hooking up with 2 inch fish. After catching a few of these, I put out a long cast and started a medium slow strip. Suddenly the fly stopped dead and I thought I had hit a snag. My fly line jerked forward and I set the hook by reflex and hung on. My leader was set up to handle small fish and I was worried about breaking off. Slowly I nursed the fish into the shallows while my buddies rushed over to capture the moment. Success, a couple of quick pics and the the fish was released safely. It's a day later and I'm still stoked. Rod: Xplorer Smuggler 808 Guide 5wt. (8 piece)


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  1. Wessel's Avatar
    Such moments are truly special. Really nice fish.