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Katse in December

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Hi Fly Brothers and Sisters…planning a trip to Katse dam Lesotho in December, no idea what to expect, any experienced fly fishers that can advise us on “spots” directions, flies, species and techniques?

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  1. jonib's Avatar
    I used to fish Katse a lot years ago…but then the fishing fell off and I haven't been in back in a while, so this report may be dated. Katse can really blow hot and cold…literally. Very exposed in December with seriously violent thunder storms arriving quickly at any time during the day. Make sure you can get to cover safely/quickly. Always used to be some good bows under the wall but some clever european aid organisations issued the local guys with gill nets which took care of the considerable yellow runs as well as bows. Resulting in sparse pickings below the wall although the water looks good.

    The dam itself is huge. Used to be many yellows feeding on drys to the left of the wall ( a short drive up to the foot bridge crossing the left arm) and along the opposite bank (once you've crossed the bridge). Most yellows, like in Sterkies, are right on the edge. After the first few years of Katse filling we caught many huge bows in the feeder streams…but they also got whacked by local guys and dudes with spinning rigs.

    The drive up is long and tedious…looks short on a map but requires a bit of driving time, which means less fishing time. A boat is great (but watch the weather)…there is a slip to the left of the wall but I am unsure what the requirements are to launch, i believe launching is controlled. At one stage there were a lot of small bows in the dam, but quite frankly it can be hit and miss.

    We used to fish the top of the dam a lot, where the river flows in ( track on the left). 3 -5lb bows were common but I doubt anymore. Unfortunately the cover pics of bows and browns on local magazines told everyone where to go…including the bait and spinning guys so again, sparse pickings. The fly fishing may have got better again, but judging by the lack of response you're getting…people are learning to shut up and keep their pictures off the covers of magazines. Have fun.

    Lesotho is a beautiful country andf home to happy, friendly people - worth a visit anytime.
  2. AntonC's Avatar
    Thank you for your great advice and background to the area, much appreciated! I will give an update on the result of our trip.