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Blyde River Pilgrim's rest

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We have been spending quite a bit of time on the Blyde River in and around Pilgrim's rest over the last few months . Fishing in this river has been phenomenal at times . The river is teaming with rainbows ranging from 80mm all the way up to 400mm . The river is also full of large scale yellows and chisel mouth .
We have been working with students from the local community and have started using them as guides for our day fishing . This gives them an opportunity to earn some cash as well as learn more about the sport and the environment . These guides are no experts at fly fishing but they have learnt the spots which produce fish as well as the terrain of the river being able to offer you the type of fishing which you prefer wether it be pools or riffles and the best access to these areas . They are all very enthusiastic and well spoken . They were recently used in the 2015 SAFFA Ladies Nationals as marshals and the Ladies where more than pleased at the way in which these guys carried out their duties .
Some people might call it exposing someone else's stream "X" but we call it progression . We are trying develop a local community where the river actually have a monetary value to them and therefore will protect it from unwanted visitors .
This also gives the Town a much needed new source of tourism . It will never be a main stream tourist attraction due to it's distance from big cities and also due to the small numbers of fly fishers in the country but every little will help .
This is perfect small stream dry dropper country with kilometres of beautiful river to fish . accommodation in town is from R400 for a self catering 4 sleeper per night .
We really need to try and get this project running well for the sake of the river and local communities in the area . If anyone needs more details they can PM me and I will point you in the right direction . If you try it once you will be addicted to the beauty and great fishing in this area .

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