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    i have just found out that along with my trip to the okovango delta in december i am going to be going to be stopping at hentisbaai, the sophia dale base camp and tora bay. io do plan on doing some bait fishing and fly so if anybody can tell me what bait, what size hook, whether or not i am going to there at the right time, what fly, what line, currents, what time of day is best and where along the coaast of namibia will be most productive for kob at this time. i have got a shimano exage surf 14ft 4-6 as for the reel i am looking for a cheap one to start with and right now have a shimano sustain 6000fb coffee grinder, i have asked a few people if it ok and they have said i will get my line far enough please let me know if you haave any reccomendations for me.
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