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    Awesome day Saturday! Went to YFP and got taken to the cleaners a few times and then this big mamma 4.5 Kg measure 55Cms from fork of tail to tip of mouth. She took me 10 minutes to land and took me right into the backing across stream. I fought her hard on 3.5 kg Maxima. Caught on self tied Hot Spot Nymph Grip # 16 (hook didn't break )

    Also landed a brute of a mudfish. Kinda looked like a moggel though. Very humped head (subject to correction by those more experienced).

    Some pics of the mamma. Difficult to take when you on your own and want to keep the fish in the water and not expose the gills for too long, and you shakin from adrenalin.....

    There were plenty more around. All seemed in good condition. Some sores, but healing nicely. Had to get off the water due to lightning.

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    Well done there Jeremyr, nice fishing.
    Handle every situation like a dog.- If you cant hump it, piss on it and walk away. --JASPER.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppernel View Post
    Well done there Jeremyr, nice fishing.
    Caught on a UV hotspot....


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