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    I have no idea what happened to my original thread, but here we go again... Do any of you guys have any info on fishing in and arround Beira. I have to be there for bussiness next week and I will definately pack a couple of rods. What spots can be fished and what can I target. Thanks Gents

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    Rio savane has a nice estuary just north of beira, lots of kingies

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    Sorry for the late reply, maybe for next time. The Pungwe River on it's own is a place of interrest. Tigerfish, some labeobarbus (Large Scale yellowfish), Chessa (distichodus mossambicus). I've read some article discussing the possibility of Tarpon. There is over 36 species of fish in the floodplains of the Pungwe alone. From Beira, past the Airport up north to Nhangau is perfect FF spots in rivers and Rivermouths. Beira is one of the least explored fishing areas in Mozambique. If you speak to some old Portuguese from the bygone area, they will all tell you, "just North Of Beira" that's where you go fishing.
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    If you take the main road all the way down to the coast and turn left, drive all the way down along the coast until you get to a gravel road, carry on on this road until you hit a pub on your right. The surf fishing there is awesome
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