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Thread: Vaal locations and flows

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    Default Vaal locations and flows

    Hi Guys

    Just a question for a newbie to the Vaal

    With the high amounts of rain expected over the next couple of months, when planning a trip to Vaal
    How would one check what the flows are. And no itís not as easy as going on to the website and checking the flows.
    If like me you not sure which part of the Vaal the venue is on. Upper, middle, lower Vaal, above or below the barrage.
    All of which is still French to me and most of us that have not been going there for years or are new to the area.

    Tried searching on the site but have not found anything in this regard
    Could we not start a thread where we put a venue
    And its location, and by all means I donít mean the ďstream XĒ but the popular venues that are mentioned on this site.

    I know it would help me and I am sure it would help others.


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    Firstly, pop Kookie Langwenya of Rand Water an e-mail and get yourself on her mailing list for excel reports [most days] of the actual flows and when barrage was opened; also Vaaldam flows, level, etc.

    Same info here, with less detail:

    Vaal at Goose Bay reading is taken at Vaal Oewer and is thus a good indication of the flow at most venues around Parys mentioned on this forum. Referred to as upper Vaal here:

    As for Elgro River Lodge and downstream the Schoemansdrift reading is much better and only 12km or so upstream [not 100% sure where the actual instrument is installed].

    Just a start, hope it helps.
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