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    Evening Gents

    I have a 7-9wt Stealth GT reel which I am using in the salt. Unfortunately I have not yet picked up anything decent that gave the drag a proper "workout". I was wondering if any of you guys who own a similar reel have been in the fortunate position to tell the tale as to whether or not the reel could do the job?



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    Unfortunately, the only feedback I've heard about these reels in places like the Seychelles have been bad. Drag's seizing up, reel's disintegrating, etc. And do you really want to risk a trophy fish on a reel like that?
    If I were you, I'd sell it and buy something tried and Shilton, Abel, Tibor, etc.

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    Any more comments on these reels?

    I have been offered a 12wt Stealth GT for R900. Brand new. Sounds to good to be true!

    Is there a reason they are selling it for that price? Should I save the extra 4k and get a Shilton...?



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