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Thread: Line weight or rod info

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    Default Line weight or rod info

    I am possession of an older Shimano backpacking rod that I cannot find any info on. I believe it's designed to be a multiple use rod that can be used for either light spinning, or fly fishing if you turn the handle around. The name is Shimano Stimula, but if I google it I get med heavy 2 piece spinning rods, which this rod certainly isn't.

    It's a 6'6", 6 piece rod.

    Does anyone else have this rod by any chance?

    How would I determine the line weight for this rod? I always used a 5 weight line, but I feel that maybe its too heavy for the rod. The rod does have a rather stiff action though (for a fly rod. It's quite soft for a spinning rod), so maybe...??
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    Load it with a 3wt and see what it does. If it doesn't feel right, go down or up a line weight.

    I used the top two sections of a 9wt 4 piece 9'0" rod.
    So it's now a 4.5' 2 piece. My boy fishes a 5wt line on it and it loads perfectly.

    That Shimano might actually be a 2/3wt. Slow down your casting and see what it does. But knowing the Americans I would say 5/6wt.
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