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Thread: fighting a fish on fly

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    No my statement regarding the calmer water has more to do with the fact that in calm water the fish has to fight you only by the power it exerts with its tail (which is a lot!!)

    If you keep the fish in the rapids, all he needs to do is use the current to his advantage, if he tires, then just hang around and let the current help.

    Regarding the keeping its head up, fish are meant to swim UNDER the water, not on top, none of their fish anatomy works properly if its head is facing upwards towards the surface. The lack of oxygen will certainly play a role, but I think it has more to do with the fish having to fight in an unnatural swimming position, not by intensionally suffocating the fish. (Like you having to wrestle with one hand tied behind your back)

    Well that is my opion..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld View Post
    I'm no expert, but I can share these two pieces of advice:
    What Turner once told us at a Bells is to try and get the fish's head above water as quickly as possible as well. This will tire the fish almost immediately and you can land it very, very quickly. If it manages to go on a run again, just keep on trying to lift it's head above water.
    This with side pressure like mentioned will get the fish in the net quickly.

    This works for average sized fish, but if you have a bus on the other end (3,5kg+) then it becomes a challenge and I would not recommend this unless you KNOW your tippet will hold!
    With such a large fish, if it struggles and the tail hits the tippet it could be game over.

    Another thing to consider, if you say you used to do competition "papgooi" then you should know when a buddy helps you land a fish you usually wait for your buddy to get behind the fish and then you give slack and 99% of the time the fish swims straight into the net while trying to get into deeper water again.
    The same principal can be applied when landing yellows. Get the fish a bit tired, get it upstream of you with the net behind the fish, give slack and the fish should gently swim into the net downstream.

    I landed a bus like this in a very strong current a few weeks back.

    I have seen a lot of people trying to "fish" their catch into the net while battling the current, make the current work for you, even when fighting the fish.
    Nice fish Joggie!

    Ahh Schoemans, how I miss that lovely place!! Jislaaik but the river was pumping!!

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