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Thread: Another newbie, introducing himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazzarowan View Post
    welcome Graeme

    i have cousins in perth and have been out that way a few times in the last few years...

    next time i come through, im gona give you a shout haha

    what fish are in the swan river? and what permits are required to fish there as a foreign visitor?
    What permits as a foreign visitor are required? You'll have to buy everyone a beer before you can fish, but apart from that, there are none.

    As to what fish are in the river, here's a list. I'll try to link some photos, because our names are different to yours for similar fish.

    Apart from the last one, they'll all take flies. You'll need the whole chicken for the last one ...


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    awesome man...and deal.

    next time i'm out there, i'm def making a plan for the Swan!

    i got a nice stingray off Fraser Island 2 years ago, and couldnt hook those darn Whiting for the love of me. used tiny charlies and crab patters, but their takes were lightening fast! was great fun though. even had about a 4inch flathead trying to eat the flies, haha.

    i have caught lots of those herring down towards busselton, but on strips of lumo green tubing. (and a few on spoons)

    they are strong for their size so would be great fun on fly
    bushveld scalies - worth the blood, sweat and tears

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