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Thread: What weight next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    Yes I agree, but for dual rated rods, the line weight refers to two different lines. The WF being lighter after the head, and the DT line being heavier, due to it having a longer belly section that the WF. It's only the first 10m as you say that are the same. So, therefore it isn't grossly incorrect. If you are so clever, then you tell us please what the dual rating of a rod means.
    I have no issue with dual ratings and what they mean, the part of your explanation that wasn't clear was around the physical weights of the line.
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    The dual ratings on rods just means the rod manufacturer has no clue as to what exactly to put on the rod. They cover their bases, as I said.
    There is NO WAY a rod can have a "dual rating". Think about's what it is, and finished! It's either a 5wt, a 5.1wt, a 5.3wt, etc etc etc, whatever.
    That's like saying your foot is either a size 11, or a size 12...depending on the amount of socks you wear...

    You don't see Sage, G.Loomis, or any really good rods with dual ratings, do you?

    So, bottom line, if you DO have a rod with a dual rating, my suggestion is find out the correct rating for your rod according to the Common Cents system, and pair it with the same AFTMA rated fly line accordingly. No matter if it's DT of WF.

    PS: If the rod is rated 5/ probably just means that the rod actually tests an AFTMA of say 5.5wt, or something. Even then, no gaurantee about that. It may actually be a 4.8wt, or a 6.3wt....who knows, until you check it yourself.
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    This goes to show how much a simple label does for marketing...

    Since there is no formal certification of rods being sold, manufacturers can pretty much label them as they want. The dual rating of entry-level rods is simply a guideline to the weight lines you can fish with it. And the single weight rating of more expensive rods is simply a more refined guide to the weight line you can use. But nothing stops you from under/over lining the rod (as many of us do) to achieve the action that you want from it. And nothing stops manufacturers from labeling a 6-wt rod as a 5-wt in order to make it have a 'faster' action (as many of them do).

    To quote an sexyloops article about AFTM ratings: "What the AFTM of a rod should tell you is what the assessor thinks is the best line fit for that rod and its intended purpose."

    Keeping in mind that some manufacturers have the budget to use test laboratories, others have the budget to use specialist AFTM assessors, and others have no budget so they do the ratings in house. Not exactly the most scientific rating then?
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