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Thread: my pb smallmouth

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    I also don't take creepy phone calls. Anyway nuff said on this thread.
    Gerrit Viljoen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamwari View Post
    That is a lovely portrait of Poppernel
    POETH 1

    Quote Originally Posted by wernerm View Post
    I didn't know pops can swim

    Quote Originally Posted by The Largie Whisperer View Post
    Herman I was TELLING you that I'm not paranoid and yes I get frustrated when I take time on a daily basis to post informative info and I get taken for an idiot after I've done my "time" on the Vaal,not even mentioning EK.I still CARE about the Vaal you know and hence my raves. I also couldn't care less about snide comments towards me. I'm not gonna shut it and let it fly by anymore and if the okes can't handle it move on or ignore me.
    Relax G..Get laid!! Looks like you need a good one.
    Handle every situation like a dog.- If you cant hump it, piss on it and walk away. --JASPER.

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