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Thread: Jozini TIGER Fishing December 2011

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    Default Jozini TIGER Fishing December 2011

    Hi All

    I wanted to share my fishing experience with all of you. If you looking for PROPER tiger fly fishing then this is the thread you want to read.

    Firstly i booked my trip through

    We left JHB at 02:00am and arrived in Jozini at around 07:00. Our guide met us just outside Jozini and drove us to a tended camp on the immaculate Pongola river. The drive from jozini to the camp took about 45min on dirt road. It is recommended to have a 4x4 or a good SUV. The farm roads arenít the best but i recon with careful driving, you could get there with a golf

    We unpacked (8.3min) and were ready waiting to fish (we looked like 2 kids waiting for the tuck shop to open) LOL......

    The guide arranged for two rubber kayaks and off we went. We had no idea what was in store for us. We floated down the river for about 20km and all along the way we stopped of at these pristine pools, teaming with tigers.....we were then picked up down river and brought back to camp.

    Hot showers waited us, and a hot meal washed down with cold beers. We spent 6 days at the camp each in our own tent. We woke up every morning at 05:30, had breakfast and either went up 20km and floated down or we went down 20km and came back to camp. You can opt to sleep on the river(perfectly safe). They guides pack everything into the kayak and setup camp along the river.

    There are no crocodiles or hippos in the river. The water quality is CLEAR and drinkable. There are numerous fishing spots and the scenery is just PERFECT!

    Our guides were amazing. they are locals to Jozini and they know every part of the river. They even give fly fishing lessons and you can buy locally made flys for R20 each. Each Kayak gets a guide, or you can opt to row your own boat (grrrrr----NO)

    I didnít want to is the BEST tiger fishing experience anyone can have.


    R750 per day - fully catered
    R500 per day - self catering

    If anyone wants to go again but doesnít want go alone, drop me a line, ill go with you!!!!

    You might see a couple of spinning rods....grrrr but we quickly lost the rods and opted for fly rods......the owner has also stipulated that no spinning will be allowed and i agree with him....

    enjoy - i certainly did!!!!!!
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    Great report, sounds and looks amazing!!

    Also looks like you guys had a ton of fun

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    This is defenatly on my to do list for the year!! Great report! And nice fish
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    thanks for the report, looks fanatstic

    mmmm, would my wife like it ?

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    Nice report but I'd be very wary of the "no crocs or hippos" duffy. There are spans of them a few km's up river and just as many a few km down river...
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    You HAVE TO have a fly rod in your mouth to prove they were caught on fly

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    Bucket list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So tell me.... How Big's yours?

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