Hmm - wouldn't bother with the smaller hooks, just use 1/0 and 2/0 b10s. Bigger fish will bend the smaller sizes open in a flash. I lost 2 very large fish due to 1/0 hooks being bent open. An 8" tiger will eat a 2/0 hook no problem.

Conditions vary, but at Sekoma, I prefer Black, black/grey, black / red tied in bucktail - less wrapping than synthetics and generally more hookups / kess need to comb out after every retrieve.
I use copper crystal flash in all - saves wrapping the hook in copper etc...

Had fantastic results last July - I got 5 doubles, and countless smaller fish.
3 doubles came out on a one tie clouser - SF fiber "Blood Black" - tapered with 5mm eyes... You can literally tie one in 2 minutes.

Also had good success with grey and brown zonkers (Grey tail, with mono support, brown palmered zonker body) tied tarpon toad style.