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Thread: Belman in Western Cape

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    In the southern cape we have caught plenty
    Northwest wind clear water is key. Places
    like Kanon,Hartenbos,Tergniet and
    Rheebok is ideal for targeting belman at
    short distance. I was wading the rocks between
    Kleinbrak and Hartenbos and saw belman there
    more than once,I was bait fishing at the time.

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    Taking all of the above into consideration, the challenge would be to fish these conditions, put in the time, probably stay low when fishing etc etc ... It would be special to see a Belman taken on fly. Like a Galjoen, Brown and Blue Hottentot en Janbruin, all truly unique SA Species. Also a Karel Grootoog, any guys have taken these on fly, I am sure these little buggers will eat many a Charlie and small flies.

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    Sean Mills caught Bellman at the Strand pavilion many years ago on fly.
    Korrie Broos

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    An extract from the SA Fisherman :
    Baardman (Belman) aka Belvis and Tasselfish...Derivation of scientific name Umbrina, shade loving ; canaiensis ; of the Canary Islands where it was first described.

    It might be quite silvery when first taken out the water but soon darkens to a copper hue if kept. Resembles a kob but is more angular in shape, has a small mouth with tassles on it though. Can grow to 10kgs but most fish caught from the shore are 2-5 kgs.

    The fish is generally caught in shallow water along sandy beaches and near estuaries. It prefers calm conditions and often moves into very shallow water in late afternoon and evenings and just before sunrise.

    It has similar feeding habits as grunters, searching in the sand for it's food and can be caught on blood worm wonderworm and cracker shrimps (sand and mud prawns).

    It is a very shy fish. Their bite is similar to grunter. They fight well.

    They range from Morocco down to the southern tip of Africa to Pakistan but few (if any) are caught on the Transkei and Natal coasts.
    In the Eastern Cape they are regarded as a winter fish but further south they can be caught throughout the year as they occur in fairly large shoals.

    The SA record was caught at Wilderness in weighed 11.05 kg.

    PS This might help fly anglers determining fly choice...shrimp/prawm imitations and where and when to target them.

    A question though that I cannot find an answer to...why cannot or have not they been caught in KZN...perhaps the answer lies in maybe they are found in deeper water there???

    Hot spots for Belman are:

    Wilderness...just before Kaaiman's River...Leeutjiesklip

    Flat rock on west side of beach, Herold's Bay and from Glentana (west of Herold Bay there's a continous beach to Mossel off flat rocks in breaker zone.

    Arniston...between hotel and cave...very shallow water...blood worm or wonderworm imitations.

    Die Plaat...all year round in the right conditions but best in winter.

    Macassar Beach to Swartklip...vast shoals of Belman appear in right conditions but often crowded.
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    I think the reason they’re not being caught
    In KZN is that they like cold flat and clear
    conditions. Most of the belman that we’ve
    caught was in such conditions.They absolutely
    love mussel worm.Also I have caught plenty
    on pillies when made into long thin bait
    that looks like a worm.

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