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Thread: Belman in Western Cape

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    In the southern cape we have caught plenty
    Northwest wind clear water is key. Places
    like Kanon,Hartenbos,Tergniet and
    Rheebok is ideal for targeting belman at
    short distance. I was wading the rocks between
    Kleinbrak and Hartenbos and saw belman there
    more than once,I was bait fishing at the time.

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    Taking all of the above into consideration, the challenge would be to fish these conditions, put in the time, probably stay low when fishing etc etc ... It would be special to see a Belman taken on fly. Like a Galjoen, Brown and Blue Hottentot en Janbruin, all truly unique SA Species. Also a Karel Grootoog, any guys have taken these on fly, I am sure these little buggers will eat many a Charlie and small flies.

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    Sean Mills caught Bellman at the Strand pavilion many years ago on fly.
    Korrie Broos

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    Dear Editor

    I posted an article under this was the last post on this remained there for sometime and received a reply then it disappeared...what went wrong...there was no reason to remove it, it was informative

    Very strange!

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    It wasn't removed by anyone as far as I know - strange. Will have to look into it.

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    Yes, it's gone somehow...I posted twice on this topic and there is only one can take my word on that.

    Anyway, not a train smash..I just wonder how that happened???

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    There are other post missing as well. I posted a review on Millstream for which the entire thread is missing as well as other posts. The site was non responsive one evening a couple of weeks ago and after that things went missing. My gut feel tells me that something went wrong and a restore to the last backed up state was done.

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    Good Morning, Apologies for this.

    The service provider has changed servers some weeks back. I will follow up with them and hope to have this sorted.
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