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Thread: Bluewater fly trip 4- 18 Feb, Port Stephens

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    Default Bluewater fly trip 4- 18 Feb, Port Stephens

    We do this every year and being an ex Saffer, Durbs and EL, thought you guys might be interested in following how we progress.

    Will base ourselves out of Port Stephens, NSW which has an awesome run of blue, black and striped marlin every year about this time, chasing them on light tackle conventional and prefreably fly.

    Hope to be able to report on some good fishing daily for the next 2 weeks.

    We fish out of this:




    with these:


    For these:

    fly_by_night 009.jpg

    Hope you enjoy the ride.


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    Tight lines Steve. Don't forget to turn on the GoPro - I want to watch some of the bloopers so I can learn for next year
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    Sure thing Meneewels...we should have 2 on the boat this year, one up on the flybridge rail and one on the deckie or anglers to get my head around the editing process !!!!!

    Keep well


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    Saturday we ran up - pretty much flat chat to the carpark as the bite was going off - had some conventional guys on the boat and not up to teasing and switching so went for them on liveys - wrong move - the bite was on skippies !!!! Zeros and morose.

    Sunday had new crew on the boat - went to skippies, got 4 stripeys between 70 - 90kg all on 15kg - on for each guy on the deck - good fun....

    Monday got one on a skippie but the bite had gone back to liveys - fish had been hammered the previous 2 days and were a lot more nervous - We stuck to skippies - I prefer them - it hones the crew for the next phase into teasing and switching - however Gunrunner still got 7 on Monday - on to look at using liveys to switch onto the fly methink when things turn like this.

    One other boat got 18 from 24 bites over the weekend - there are certainly fish around - just need the weather to get at them.

    Mondays fish here- 24kg for newbie - we were trying to get a double as we had 2 fish up hence only getting into the vidioe later on in the fight....

    Weather now abating and looking good for weekend and next week - time to throw the fly - sod all this farm implement usage.

    Couple of pics here too....

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    awesome report, and some real beauties on the fishing side.
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    Monday was fishable, Tues & Wed a bit rough but we got out today for one black on 15kg conventional - skip bait. Can't wait for my fly crew to arrive on the weekend along with what is supposed to be decent weather...

    In the meantime here are some shots from Sunday - will be getting the raw images on the weekend and can't wait to see them.

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    some cool pics in there...

    what fly tackle do you use for those fish? hope it's not too light...
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    nice pics thanks
    NSW sure beats London hands down


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