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    Default Introduction!


    My name is James.

    Well what can I say since I started fly fishing about 4 years ago and no idea what I was doing until today I have a deep burning passion for fly fishing.
    It all started one afternoon as I "chucked" my line into the Vaal with no experience or help from anybody before that day. Casting across the river and actually figuring out to mend the line so it didn't drag. After the 5th cast or so and baaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!! WowWowWow!
    My heart was racing like I've never felt before except for playing rugby of course but not even playing rugby or anything else for that matter came close to this feeling.
    What did I pull out of the water? A SM Yellow. I couldn't believe it that such a small fish could hit my fly that hard. I was amazed and I was hooked!!!!! The rest they say is history.

    I can't believe it took me this long to get on this forum. It is truly a great community. Advise and tips are around every corner it seems.
    Currently I am residing in South Korea where fly fishing is not that big but growing ever stronger.

    Looking forward to talking, sharing advise and especially asking for help as there are many anglers here that share the same passion and commitment to this great sport and way of life.

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    hi James,

    Welcome once again, look forward to your contributions.

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    Welcome, hope to hear more from you.
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    Welcome James! It is indeed a endless supply of fishing knowledge with a lot of folks that really know there stuff! A lot of head butting and tail biting, "tong uitsteek" arguments and even from those thread's you may learn stuff!!

    Hope you enjoy! And share you experiences! That way we all learn!! good to have you onboard!!
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    Welcome James.

    South Korea, what the hell

    Are you a mercenary
    It's not in the catching, it's in the learning something new.
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    Welcome to the forum. Tell us a bit about the fly fishing over there
    Fishing is just my thing. I don't know what it is but it seems that i just can't get enough of it.

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    Thumbs up Welcome James

    Welcome James,

    Awesome place to be as we are all learning, Have you endeavoured to find a local (South Korean) fly fishing club for venues, tips, apart from what the forum has? (I just do not know how good your Korean is? LOL)

    No disrespect towards my fellow forumers or Flytalk, local knowledge and experience might serve you better in a far away place?...

    Barend Badenhorst

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    Smile Fishing in Korea!

    The fishing here in Korea is exceptional really.
    Fresh water species include:
    -Rainbow trout
    -Lenok (Manchurian trout)
    -Cherry trout
    -Pacific Redfin
    -Creek chubs
    -Large mouth Bass, Blue Gills and Snakeheads
    -River Tarpon
    -freshwater bonefish/barbel
    -Mandarin fish
    There are still a few more just can't think right now.
    Carp is sought after big time here and there is a growing interest in sport but to be honest most of the time you have the river all to yourself. There are a number of guides here that are very good and take you to some great locations.
    Here is a vid for carp on fly in Korea:


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