View Poll Results: The fly that has caught me the most SM Yellows is:

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  • Brassie

    33 16.18%
  • PTN

    38 18.63%
  • ZAK

    12 5.88%
  • GRHE

    39 19.12%
  • Flashback

    19 9.31%
  • Anything with an orange hotspot

    59 28.92%
  • Mustard Caddis

    32 15.69%
  • Caddis Green Rockworm

    32 15.69%
  • HB Nymph (sigh)

    2 0.98%
  • GGY Holo Thingamajig

    4 1.96%
  • Woolly Bugger

    12 5.88%
  • Soft Hackles

    5 2.45%
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Thread: The fly that so far has caught me the most SM Yellows is:

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    I have had my best days using dream caddis and a purple flashback.. If you have confidence in the fly you have on the end of the line you will pick up fish..
    “What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly fisher calls a great hatch.” ~ Patrick F.

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    Just wondering if after quite a few years if "Anything with an orange hotspot" would still be in the first spot today ?

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    It's interesting looking at the date on the poll.

    I started reading through it and gave up halfway with all the keyboard warriors taking it off in all directions.

    Way back in the day when the yellow craze was just taking off, one of the most effective flies was an imitation of a mussel - at least this is what it was intended to be.
    Basically a body of peacock herl with a deer hair head spun and cut very short.
    White was the standard deer hair colour but it morphed into hot spot orange and a chartreuse head as well over time.

    Other very successful patterns were Prince nymphs and little flashbacks.

    Vaal Yellows 0002.jpg
    This is one from the archives ....... circa 1984
    If it's fair game.

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    Cool fishing shorts Kevin,

    What river is that?

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    That was a section near BenJoh - on the Vaal river.
    No idea if it's still called this or if it is still there.
    Brightly coloured shorts were optional

    I'd love to get back onto the Vaal, but after fishing with Korrie and some other mates on the lower Orange, I'd much rather get there again.

    Actually, if a bunch of blokes are interested perhaps we could organise something for next year - I try come out and do a couple of months photography each year. Perhaps tack something onto this??

    There was a bloke on here from the Free State that used to catch huge catfish (barbel) - haven't seen his posts for a while.
    Now that would be an awesome get together!
    From what I hear, Hartebeespoort is basically unfishable these days for one reason or the other.

    Anyhoo....... don't want to hijack this thread.

    IMG_6762A (Medium).jpg
    If it's fair game.

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