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Thread: Bluegill - I'm impressed!

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    At last I got myself a bluegill - after decades of wondering what all the fuss is about with these little sunfish I finally got to fish in a private dam (near Stanford) stocked with them today.

    I was actually targeting bass at the time - hence large woolly bugger - but was delighted with this solid bluegill - completely made up for dropping some nice bass earlier. Species #52 on the same rod ... only 48 to go

    I went on to catch about half a dozen bluegills on hopper and damsel fly patterns in the weedy margins using a dinky 6'6" 2wt ultralight rod I built last week. The bluegills are a blast the way schools of them compete to snatch the fly and then put up a very respectable scrap for little midgets they are:
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    Well done. Those big ones are awesome on light tackle.
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    nice bluegill. One of the species on my list to make a replica of but here up north I havent seen one yet.


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