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Thread: Goblin Shark - on fly?

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    Exclamation Goblin Shark - on fly?

    Earlier there was one of these really crap shark horror movies showing; Laura called me over to ID the 'ugly shark'... I thought it was all Hollywood crap, read the info on the dish and they talked about deep-water Goblin Sharks

    So I hit google images and started searching for some info, to my shock

    Check these boys!


    So, has anybody targeted or caught 1 of these on fly

    Maybe G can design a fly for us to target these boys, 200m down allegedly; some info here:

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    back in Cape Town


    Think one might need more than a bit of T-20 sink tips and 750 grain lines to get down there! Challenge laid.
    If you work with monkeys you'll definitely slip on a banana peel!
    The way to a fly fisherman's heart is AlWAYS through his fly!!


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