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    Bass,you must be joking was my reply at my friends request to join him at a dam about 60km from Bloem.I had been to the dam before under very murky water conditions,and said never again.
    Now coming from the eastern cape,and having bass as my main species since i could remember,i gave them no attention when i moved to Bloem and discovered other species.
    Well,last weekend I really needed to fish so I agreed to join them on the outing.
    We arrived at the dam at around 13:00 and It was crystal clear,but slightly choked up with grass,PERFECT conditions to target them.
    I decided that i would fish exclusively with popper to at least have some fun watching them take a fly.Well,second cast and I was on,nothing big but it was visually awesome take.And so the day went on and between the 3 of us we caught around 70 bass,mostly smaller ones,with the 2 in the pictures being the bigger of the lot.
    I was outfished by my friend who was fishing a cactus bugger, but he quickly changed to popper once he saw how fun it was to watch the fish take the fly.
    The day turned out to be big fun,and although i still wont do this every weekend I will give bass a bit more credit,and maybe a day or two a year to target them.
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    Some nice fish John, good going.

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    nicely done, and thats a huge number of catches for the day. excellent job.

    *starts checking google maps for dams within 60km's of Bloem!!!!
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