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Thread: Lady Angler Sets New Flyrod Record

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    Default Lady Angler Sets New Flyrod Record

    I found the below article and was impressed

    Puerto San Jose, Guatemala -- Angler Kara Weisman successfully released 18 sailfish in one day, all in accordance with IGFA angling rules, on Feb. 6, 2012, setting the unofficial mark for the most billfish releases on the fly for a lady angler in a single day. She was fishing with her father Kirk Weisman aboard the classic 37-foot Gamefisherman Intensity with Capt. Mike Sheeder at the helm, out of world-famous Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala.

    Weisman is no stranger to either the long rod or the prolific waters off Guatemala, having ventured to Casa Vieja with her father at least once a year since the lodge opened in 2006. A few seasons ago, Kirk Weisman released a sailfish on two-pound test tippet, making him just the third angler in the world (behind the record-setting duo of Enrico Capozzi and Stacy Parkinson) to do so. It seems that a love for flyfishing for big Pacific sails runs in the family.

    Capt. Mike Sheeder reported near-perfect conditions during the day, with light winds and relatively calm seas. "The fish were really chewing in the morning," he said. "In the first hour, Kara and Kirk went ten for ten on the fly, which is pretty good fishing." By the time Sheeder had pulled in the teasers for the final time at the end of the day, the Intensity had raised 62 sailfish, getting 33 bites and 24 successful releases for the pair.

    In addition to the ladies flyrod record, Casa Vieja Lodge also holds numerous other top marks including the most billfish for a single boat in one day (124), the most releases in three days (300) and the most by a single angler using the flyrod at 57 for lodge owner Jim Turner
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    The is bloody incredible in every way
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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeDsantos View Post
    The is bloody incredible in every way
    x 2, bloody hell!

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    Nice to see the chicky babes doing it.
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    WTF ?????????

    Billfish on 2lb tippet, and it survived

    I say Billshit
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