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Thread: Fly Fishing from a boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
    Hi Mike, thanks for sharing that. This just convinces me more that i need one of those. It's perfect for the Breede River to travel to the exposed Sandbanks and go looking for Grunter.
    My thoughts exactly!!!

    Mike I spent a bit of time living on Vancouver Island and saw a few guys fishing off 'yaks up there for Coho and Kings..... Looked like a blast and I have yet to see a more beautiful coastline in which to paddle!

    While I was living in the Caribbean for 5 years, we did a ton of fishing of similar kayaks, both offshore and on the flats and mangrove estuaries.....
    Nothing like getting towed around by a tuna on a kayak!!!

    We found a ton of landlocked and ceynote fed ( underground caves/tunnel systems ) lakes/ponds on the island that were filled with juvenile Tarpon ( to around 30 pounds ) and snook as well as Tilapia and small snapper and the best way to access these was by kayak.
    Best was a two man version of Mike's kayak, with the guy in the stern paddling and holding position and the one up front with a six weight shooting casts under the overhanging mangroves.....
    Gotta say it was some of the most entertaining fishing I've ever had, especially with the Tarpon which usually explode skywards as soon as you set the hook, often ending up in the trees!! That usually resulted in a mad paddle into the bushes to rescue the buggers!!!! Fun fun fun in the sun....ahhh the good old days of working 4 days a week, 4 hours a day in paradise.....

    I have some pics lying around I'll try dig up and post.

    As to Ski fishing down here....something I really wanted to get into after my kayaking in the Caribbean but the scene seems understandably small down here in Cape Town due I'm sure to the huge presence of Men in Grey Suits in our waters...... Can't say I would enjoy trying to land a thrashing yellowtail single handedly off a 14 ft ski with some 14 to 18 foot Johnnies lurking underneath me!

    Some people are like Slinkies.... Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

    The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. - Hunter S. Thompson

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeh View Post
    Hi Pierre

    I have a boat, you show me where I'll take you there. I have always used the spinnermen as a guideline, not that I have had great luck with a fly rod from a boat in False Bay. They will normally fish off the steep rocks around the coast. I try to read the article "Fish n Chirps" by Art Ridgeway in the Helderberg mail on a Thursday. This gives an indication of what the spinners are doing.
    Hi Mike

    Maybe yellowtail at Cape Point seems like a good option. I would absolutly love a trip like that. Me Boss usually just finds the commercial fisherman to get to the yellowtail. Just hang in their chum line and let them do all the work. They vloek you but thats about it.

    I have been 50km out to fish for yellowfin and we did about the same. Found commercial boats but also used our own chum. Yellowfin is actually piss easy to catch, but not to land. We did come across some yellowtail but they told me to leave my fly rod at home said they refuse to wait for me to land any fish. The tackle they used must have been the most uncomfortable thing i ever tried to use, and i didn't like the nappy thing they make you wear , not my thing, i'll stick to my fly rod.

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    Hi there guys

    At Blake's Beach there are only really two spots that produce good Leeries from a boat. The first spot is close and on the outside of Elf Point. This area is quite far out into the bay on the left-hand side of Blake's and fishes well during the first part of a pushing tide. The second spot is the furthest reefs on the outside of Die Poort.

    At both these spots a good point break / rip is formed as the tide pushes in and the better fish certainly prefer this.

    For Elf you can basically fish the entire area from the main swimming beach to Gordons Bay. Bird activity just on the outside of the inner reefs and close in to shore is a dead giveaway that the Elf are around. Most of the time you will also see birds working on the outside, but these birds are mostly working over Penguins, so stick quite close to shore. The season for Elf should start picking up soon. Fish the days when a Southerly wind blows for Elf and then when it turns to the South East look for Leeries. The shoals of Elf staret moving on the outside of the reefs at around four in the afternoon and they then move closer inshore as the afternoon progresses. They eventually move in to Blake's just before sunset.

    The other two areas that is both safe and highly productive is Simonstown and Cape Point. At both these venues you can launch and fish within twenty metres from shore and the Yellowtail have already moved in for the season. For Simonstown a South Easter is good and at the Point you can pretty much find fish right through the season. Simonstown is particularly good when the fish are there and you will definitely be able to even get a pull from the beach. The Yellowtail move that close in to shore.

    Got to work now.


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