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Thread: Fishing in Tasmania

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    ...No Worries! Misjudging Australian distance is a common mistake. We had the inlaws here for the whole of last month and they were amazed every time we took them on what felt like a very long drive and then afterwards showing them on the map how minutely small portion of Aus they have actually covered.

    My cousin is planning to visit my sister in Kalgoorlie (in Western Australia about 8 hours drive from Perth in the direction of Melbourne). He thought it was a good idea to borrow my sister's car to come visit us in Melbourne until we explained that it takes about 3.5 DAYS to drive to Melbourne from Kalgoorlie!!!
    It isn't essential to my enjoyment of fishing that I catch fish, only that I know there are fish in the water.

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    If a man speaks in the middle of a forest and there is no woman around to hear him - is he still wrong?

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    Hi Jakkers, I sent you a pm. I know the northern/eastern and southern rivers pretty well also the central lakes


    PS - apologies to all, I've been v v busy workwise and away a lot, hopefully now I'll be a bit more back on this planet!

    For anyone who had birthdays or got divorced in my absence, belated contratulations
    The more you know, the less you need (Aboriginal Australian proverb)

    Only dead fish swim with the stream (Malcolm Muggeridge)

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