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    HI Guys

    I am going to Cahorra Bass from the 25th to 28th May. Its just for a weekend but i need some tips and advice on how to fish, flies, techinques and tackle. Are there other species to target like bream etc ? what tackle should i take for those ?

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    9wt, fast sinking (DI7) lines, wire tippets. Flies for tigers - check out what is commercially available, SF Minnows, Whistlers (blue and white always a favourite), tiger clousers and if the water is dirty rather try flies that push water. Rather stay with synthetic flies, the tigers rip naturals apart in no time.

    Other tackle (other than the usual stuff) - gloves, landing net, boga grip, stripping basket (those DI7's are a pain to cast and tangle in everything) and pliers to remove the hooks.

    Fish from a boat and cast toward structure and channels/drop off's. Fish at different depths, by allowing the flies to sink for different lenghts of time (countdown method). When fishing deep be ready for a take while your fly is sinking. Don't strike with the rod, rather strip strike - tiger's mouths are hard and you need to set the hook.

    IMHO don't fish from the bank unless you are prepared to deal with a croc attack in the middle of nowhere.

    Since you are only there for a few days, I would focus on the tigers and skip the rest.

    Hope this helps.


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