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Thread: Dressing on Crazy Charlies

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    Default Dressing on Crazy Charlies

    While fishing the Bira and Keiskamma Estuaries this weekend I had a look at what a crazy charlie looks like in the water and really thought they were not dressed well enough. I had a look at the one tied in the archive and you can barely even see the hook which i would think is a way better imitation. The ones i bought consisted of bulky eyes with a few wrappes on the shaft and a few strands. Looked more like a mechanical robot prawn sceleton than anything that lives in the sea.

    anyone with a little experience on which is more successful?
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    hi philip
    i tend to tie mine a little fuller as well and have seen those sparse ones. never fished one but they should still work. i have had loads of sucess on mine, so stick to them. nice for bass
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    I think the dressing on Charlies,( and alot of other patterns for that matter ) really depends on the areas you are going to be fishing..... In Seychelles, we fished such sparsely dressed Charlie's that when seeing them in the box, they looked half finished.... But the bones in that super clear super skinny water sure loved them and wolfed them down quicker than you could say "Flashy Profile"!
    In contrast however, look at the succesful Charlies in places like the Keys, and other areas of Central America, where much bushier and more heavily dressed patterns are the order of the day, especially when fishing slightly more turbid and deeper waters... Now I know we don't do alot of bonefishing here in SA, but we can learn a little from this.
    Super clear, calm conditions generally ( and please note I said "GENERALLY" ) a smaller and more sparsely dressed pattern can often be the key to success.
    On the other hand, in rougher and more turbid conditions, often a more bulky pattern, that pushes alot of water, can be the key.....

    This being said, fish will often just through all the "rules" out the window and hit a huge guady bulky pattern in 8 inches of gin clear water, and someone casting a size 8 super sparse Charlie in a howling gale, into coke brown water, will connect with a bus size fish.... but thats what makes fishing so much fun right?

    Best advice I can give, is to carry a few of each, and try match the fly to the conditions....

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