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    Hello everyone, i'm new on this forum and i'm a fly fishing fanatic,i hope i ll find informations on fly fishing in south africa and around the world cause i travel as much as i possibly can.Maybe i can help others too!
    I live in Switzerland where i fish mainly for trout, grayling and pike.I have family in Cape town so i sometime try to cast in south africa areas but the country is so big there is a lot of spots i got to discover.I'm going to Zambia next july for the first time and f course i'm going there for one reason:Tigers! But it s the first time i go for these beautiful fish.If anybody has tips for me (tackle,flies, manner of fishing...) please tell me.
    Kind regards
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    Hi Julien...welcome to the forum.Im sure the guys will help you out alot with any info you need and when next you in Cape Town let us know and im sure one of the guys will take you out for the day.

    Ive never fished for tigers but if you do a search on here there will be lots of info available.Mostly you will need a fast sinker like a di7 or so and clousers are the preferred fly.

    good luck for the trip.
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    Welcome bud. Enjoy it.
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