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Thread: Madagascar Fly Fishing From The Beaches

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    Thanks for the link! I can't see the pics at work but will check it out when I get home.
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    Checked out these and other articles/threads prior to my trip to Madagascar which I have just returned from and thought it good to share my experiences for any others in a similar position in future. My 2 teenage girls (13 &16), wife and I spent 6 days on the Madagascat yacht "Gheko" and that in itself was amazing but I was always keen to sneak in some fly fishing if I could. On the boat trawling with lures we picked up 11 nice sized couta (spanish mackerel), 1 big coral grouper, a bonito, a monster queenfish and to top it all off a 40lb or so blue marlin. Most went back but we ate a couple too.
    The aim of the trip was family time so I guess I only spent about 4 or 5 hours fishing on the shore in total.
    As regards fly the areas around Nose Be and Nose Sakatia heading south are pretty heavily fished by the pirogues due to the prevailing winds (south morning/north afternoon) and I also saw a couple of instances of netting so although I threw at a couple of likely spots it was very quiet.
    We decided however to make the 6 hour crossing to the Mitsio islands up north and there were definitely more fish up there. Most of the fish we caught on the boat were around the Mitsio's and there are very few pirogues.
    We spent some time on a small island called Nose Ankarea and the point of the beach and either side were very productive - I picked up 7 fish (5 medium bluefin and 2 small GT) there in about 2 hours on a pushing tide all on site fishing. I did see one monster (bluefin I think) but he ducked before I could get a fly to him. There is a small flat but could not spot any triggers but I think in hotter weather (Nov to Jan) this could be a great spot to spend a day with a rod. The fish were all picked up on an Ufudu olive sin clouser.
    We then crossed the bay to Mitsio itself and I picked up 5 more blue fin and one couta on the edge of the rocks pushing out from beach. This was all blind fishing however as the water was a little murky around the rocks. The beach itself was very quiet with little structure and no baitfish holding anywhere.
    The only other fly success was a small blue fin down south within the reserve at Antsoha (lemur island) where the rangers were happy I fished off the beach early in the morning as long as it was CAR (of course) and we were alone but as soon as other people arrived asked me to stop.
    My summary of Madagascar for shore based fly is that I would not make it a destination but going for a family holiday as I did I would definitely still pack a rod.

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    Great info, thanks.

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    Thanks for the info
    Korrie Broos

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