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Thread: S.Boyle popper SBS

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    Default S.Boyle popper SBS

    Sorry about the picture quality.

    Tail fly

    Hook: #10 hanak streamer
    Thread: 6/0
    Tail: tan zonker strip
    Hot spot: orange marabou
    Hackle at the tail:Mallard
    Body: marabou below grizzly hackle
    Collar: brown soft hackle
    Eyes: 3mm 3D red
    Head: epoxy.

    Main Fly

    Hook: Mustad bass bug 3/0
    Tail: marabou
    Tail collar: tan hackle


    Line: 0.25mm
    Bead: plastic glow

    Popper head

    Foam: 2 black cylinders 1 red
    Legs: red flexifloss 4 strands
    Eyes: dolls eyes.

    Making the head

    Glue the foam cylenders together. Using a needle pull some 5x tippet through the popper head which you then pull back through with the legs. Glue the eyes on and cut a slit into the head.

    Tail fly

    Step 1:
    Start the thread and tie in the tail and marabou hotspot.
    Boyle 1.jpg

    Step 2: Tie in the mallard feather as a soft hackle tail collar.
    Boyle 2.jpg

    Step 3: Make a few split threads of natural grizzly marabou and wind that closely as the body
    Boyle 3.jpg

    Step 4: Tie in the brown sof hackle as a collar
    Boyle 4.jpg

    Step 5: Put a drop of epoxy on the head and carefully place the eyes on the side.
    Boyle 5.jpg

    Popper section

    Step 1: Start the thread. Get the line and thread it through the eye of the tail fly. Fold it back to form a loop and thread the bead on. Tie the tags in along the entire hook shank and then fold back and tie in some more.Prepare your split thred from marabou, haf brown half olive.
    Boyle 6.jpg

    Step 2: Wind your split thread closely to form a sort of collar/tail. Wind the wide tan hackle in front of it and tie back.
    Boyle 7.jpg

    Step 3: Glue on the popper head
    Boyle 8.jpg
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    NICE!!! this should work on some bass also!!
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    That will get some Bass attention! Great job.

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    Nice!! I plan to probably do a popper of some sort too.. Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend or early next week...
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    Not to shabby Nige.
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