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I have spent a day fishing fishing with a finesse, which is a change from my normal classic 2. I personally found that both my accuracy and presentation was increased, as was my catch rate. Thus, its not the rod, but the angler, and at the end of the day it all comes down to your personal preferance, and your handling of the rod. In fact, this is the reason i am upgrading to a Finesse, because my performance is enhanced, however, many might perform better with a Classic 2, as it would boost your performance.

Just my 2 cents.
Look, you raise some interesting points. The most important being personal preference. I agree that accuracy, presentation etc, is an important function of the angler, and once you get your leader setup, casting, and other things together, you could make any rod worth. However, things like tracking, and recovery, the two issues I have with the Finesse, are definate characteristics of the rod , that the angler has to learn to compensate for. Granted, I compare all rods I fish with, to my chosen rod in the application, and I fish with some high end stuff, so for me to directly compare two middle or low end rods, with my familiar choices, might be a bit unfair, but you only need to fish with a rod that has a perfect recovery and pin point tracking, to see the difference. As I said earlier, you can make any rod work for you, me on the other hand, have tried many rods, and there are few that I couldn't get used to, and one of them was the finesse. That wobbly tip unfortunatly drives me crazy.