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Thread: Fishing the Fish River canyon whlie hiking it

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    Cool Fishing the Fish River canyon whlie hiking it

    Has anyone fished the Fish River canyon while hiking it. which species are likely to be found there, hopefully some yellow fish? Hiking there end of August 2012.

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    I have fished it once just up-stream from Ais-Ais. Caught some small yellows.

    It is part of the Orange-Vaal system so should have all fish expected in that system.

    The water level is not very constant ant the vis is normally a small stream so do not expect to Catch huge fish.

    But should be fun.


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    I have fished where the Lowen river and Fish river meet. Lots of yellowfish but as Albe said, flows can be low at times when the canyon is hikeable.
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    Hi there

    Yes, I have fished in the canyon before. Hiked it the first time in 2008. When you decent from the lookout point, you reach a nice pool with sand when you get to the bottom. My first 5 casts brought out 5 ±250 grams small mouth yellows. 2 caught with floaties, two with black fury nr 2 spinner, and one with empty hook. They were biting so eager, I had to test and draw a empty hook through the water!
    There are plenty of fish. My son also caught a modderbek (not sure what it translates in English?). There are also baber and carp.
    Make sure to fish where water is a bit deeper. Because of water colour, you have no idea of the depth.

    At Ai-Ais there is a cement dam wall. Just below that was also plenty of better size fish.
    I hope this helps.


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